Gencode Table Help

Additional information about specific Generic Code or Gencode Tables is available when a specific table is selected in the VDF Gencode Maintenance Program.  The help text can be displayed by accessing the Gencode Table Control Dialog.  This dialog displays the title or control records that are created for each Generic Code table in the system.  The help information that is displayed in the lower section of the dialog describes the function of the selected GenCode table.  The help information for the table is normally generic and applies to all Cove Customers.  Specific table entries also contain descriptions and these descriptions are used to describe the valid entries in each table and are more likely to be specific on a site by site basis.

The help text that is displayed for each Generic Code Table  is stored in the COVETEXT file (File 174).  These records are assigned a type of “PHT” and the Code field of each of the COVETEXT records contains the Code information from the system parameter that they describe.  The COVETEXT file is maintained by Cove Systems and this file is typically updated overwritten with the most current version of the file, when a system update is performed.


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