StreamV Application Help

There are several different types of online help that are available in the StreamV system.  This section provides a brief overview of what is available in each program and how to use it.  Please note, that in some cases,  you can access a specific type of help information using multiple methods.

The Basic Types of Help Are

      Online Help Documentation The StreamV Application includes a windows HTML help system that can be accessed using the Help or F1 Key.  The windows help system is context sensitive, and will normally display the help topic for the program that is open when the help system is called.

      Field Level Help StreamV is delivered with information that documents the files and fields in the  current StreamV database.  This information is displayed from two locations.  The Cove standard help information is displayed from the Cove Data Dictionary File which is a database file that contains descriptive information about each of the data files and fields in the system.  This Data Dictionary file is normally overwritten by Cove when system updates are performed as the file is maintained by Cove.  The House Help information is customized help information that is specific to your company (it allows you to define your own usage or definition for the field and what the allowable entries are).  Any House Help information you enter into the system is stored in the TextData file and it is not overwritten when a system update is performed.

      Cove Search Engine the Cove website contains a search engine that allows you to search through online help application and other documents.


Accessing System Help Information

Online Help Documentation

Field Level Help

Cove Search Engine

Program Help

Parameter Help

Gencode Table Help

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