General Tab Page

The General Tab Page of the Manifest Detail Panel allows you to

      View and manually edit the COD Amount, the Insurance Value and the Weight and Dimensional information for the box.

      Update the Box Size used for the shipment, from the  Boxsize Table (a Generic Code table that lists the commonly used box sizes for your company).

      Track the current manifest record using the Track Button.

The General Tab Page is used to display some basic information about the shipment being processed.   Some of this information is automatically loaded by the automated shipping methods supported by the system, and other information must be manually specified regardless of the shipping method being used.

COD Amt:  The amount that must be collected by the company delivering the goods at the time of delivery.  This field is normally loaded by the automated shipping systems.

Value:  The Insured Value of the Shipment.  This field is normally loaded by the automated shipping systems, but can be modified as required.

Instructions:  Any special instructions for delivery of the shipment.

Track Button

The Track Button can be used to track the current manifest record using the Tracking number in the record and the Shippers website.

Box No:  The Box number for the Manifest record.  The system will automatically create the first box record for each shipment as each order is loaded into the Order Invoicing program and it will automatically increment the box number as additional Manifest records are created in the program.  If the items for the shipment being processed have the cartons field loaded (indicating that they are in their own box), the invoicing program will automatically create a box record for each line item qty as appropriate.

Weight:  The total weight of the Box.

Width/Height/Length:  The Dimensions for the Box.  The Select Box Size Button can be used to display the BoxSize Gencode Lookup.  The BoxSize Gencode Lookup displays the standard box sizes that have been set up on your system and it allows you select the appropriate box from the list.  As you select a valid Boxsize record, the system automatically loads the information from the Gencode record into the Width, Height and Length fields in the Manifest record.  You may also manually specify the dimensions for the Box being used.

Select Box Size Button

The Select Box Size button can be used to activate the Boxsize Table.  This table lists the commonly used box sizes that have been set up in the system, and if a valid record is picked from this table, the box size information from the record will be automatically loaded into the width, height and length fields, overwriting the prior contents.  Once the fields have been loaded, they can still be manually updated as required.


Charges Tab Page