Generic Code Table (FV019S01)

The Generic Code Table is used to enter and maintain the Taxtype records used by the Sales Tax System.  The Taxtype field is used by the system to determine the customer type (i.e. retail, resale, government, and export) and it may be changed as required by the user.  The Taxtype Field is stored in the Company (File 54), Sales Order Header (File 60), Sales Order Line Item (File 61), and Shipto (File 99) files.  Identical sets of Taxtype records must be created in the Generic Code Table for each of these files.   The information in the Generic code tables is used to force entry of required sales tax information during data entry and processing and it also allows you to restrict the information that can be loaded into the field to the entries in the Gencode file.  Please see the Generic Code Table documentation for a complete description of how to create records in the Generic Code Table.


Taxcode Maintenance (FV159E01)