StreamII Sales Tax Programs

This section describes the Sales Tax Programs that are included in the StreamII or Character version of Stream.  Many of the programs included in this section are not available in StreamV and you may need to use these programs when implementing a new system, or updating information in an existing system.


Generic Code Table (FV019S01)

Taxcode Maintenance (FV159E01)

Zip Code/Taxcode Editor (FV152E01)

Zip Code Loader (FV152L01)

Zip Code/Taxcode Report (FV152R03)

Update Customer Taxcodes from Zipcode File (FV054XT1)

Update Shipto Taxcodes and Taxtypes from Zip Code and Customer Files (FV099XT1)

Update Sales Order Tax Information (FV060XT1)

Update Invoice Line Item Tax Information (FV058XT1)

Taxtype/Taxcode Report (FV056R30)