Handling and Box Charges - Configuration

Handling and box charges for each shipment are determined using the information stored in the Freight or Shipvia and the Customer Master files. 

Shipvia File - The Shipvia file stores the valid freight methods that have been set up on the system (i.e. UPS GT, UPS R, FEDEX ECON, DELIVERED).  Each Shipvia record contains a Box Charge field and a Handling Charge field.   The Box Charge field determines the amount to be charged per box when the shipment method is used.  The Handling Charge field determines the handling charge to be applied when the shipment method is used.  The box and handling fee information in the Shipvia file is optional and it is used along with the information stored in each customer record when the system is calculating the appropriate charges for each invoice.

Customer Master File Each customer record contains a Handling Fee Code field.  The Handling Fee Code is used along with the information in the Shipvia file when the system calculates the handling and box charges for a particular invoice.  The Handling Fee Code field is located on the Operations Tab in the Customer Manager and Customer Detail programs.  Valid Handling Fee Codes and how they are used by the system are described in a later section of this document.


Handling and Box Charges - Processing Overview