Header Section

The top or “header” section of the Cash Application Program is used to input the information for the customer payment that is being applied.   Some of this information shown in this section of the program is automatically defaulted by the system, and some of this information must be entered by the operator.

Account:  The Account field and Prompt Button are used to select the Customer for whom the payment is to be applied.  You may select a valid customer record by pressing the Prompt Button next to the Account Button.  This action will cause the system to display the Customer Selection List.  The Customer Selection List displays all of the customer records in your system.  The Customer Selection List also allows you to sequence or sort the customers in your system using any of the several different display sequences supported in the program.   You may also search for a specific customer in the selection list based on the display sequence being used (the display sequence is selected by using the mouse to select the appropriate column header).  You may also select the customer to be processed by “finding one of the invoices to be paid with the customer check”.  If a customer is not loaded into the Cash Application program and the Find Invoice Button is pressed, the system will display the open accounts receivable invoices in your system using the Invoices Selection List.  If you then select a valid invoice from the Invoices Selection List, the system will load the selected invoice and the associated customer record into the program.

Pay Code: The Pay Code field is used to identify the type of payment or transaction being processed and it also restricts.

General Ledger Information: The Year, Period, Post Date and Batch fields are used by the system when it records each payment transaction in the general ledger.  The Year and Period field are defaulted based on the current operator year and period and these values cannot be changed in the program.  The Post Date field is a user-controlled field that is used to identify the date on which the transaction should be recognized (regardless of the date it is actually posted).  The post date field can be used when running general ledger and other reports and when making accruals.

Batch:  The Batch field is used to group payment transactions into batches to handle situations where multiple operators may be applying payments at the same time.

The next section of the Payment Entry screen displays information about the payment to be processed, including the Customer field which stores the name of the customer making the payment, the Currency field which defines the currency in which the payment is being made and the Check# field which stores the check or other transaction ID or number being applied to the customer account.  Next to the Check# field is the field in which the amount of the payment is entered by the operator (in the payment currency defined by the currency field). 

Below the Customer name is the Pay Code field which stores the Pay Code to be used for the transaction.  The Pay Code is used to identify the type of transaction being processed and it appears as a selection on some of the accounting reports.  To the right of the Pay Code field is the To Apply field and the HC field.  The To Apply field displays the amount of the payment being processed which has not yet been applied to specific invoices (in the payment currency), and the HC (house currency) field displays the total amount of the payment being applied (in house currency).  Both of these fields are filled in automatically by the system based on the currency selected for the payment, the payment amount entered by the operator (in the selected currency), and the most current exchange rate for the currency from the Currency Table.  The amount displayed in the HC field can be changed by the operator for situations in which the HC amount received is different than the amount calculated by the system using the current exchange rate.

Underneath the "payment information" section, the Payment Entry screen displays the Accounts Receivable and Cash Clearing accounts which will be used for the current session.  These accounts default based on information entered by your system administrator but they may be changed if required from within the Payment Entry program.  

Below the section that displays the general ledger accounts being used for the current session is the "payment application" section of the screen.  This section of the screen is empty when you select the program from the menu but it is used to display the invoices and the amounts to be paid against each invoice once you have selected a customer and have entered the information for the payment to be applied.


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