Header Section

The Header or top section of the Sales Order Entry program displays basic information about the sales order, quote, or loaner order being processed.  The information that is displayed in the Header Section when the Order Entry program is activated is based on how the program is called or accessed.

      If the Order Entry program is called from the Customer Manager or Customer Management program to create a new order, the selected customer will be displayed at the top of the program and a temporary order number will be displayed in the Order No. field.  The order Type, Subtype and Status, the Sales Rep, Division, Department, and default warehouse location being used for the order will also be displayed.  When the Order Entry program is called in this manner, you should select the order type to be entered, and specify the subtype, rep and warehouse to be used for the order and then enter the line items for the order.

      If the Order Entry program is called from the Sales Order Management program to edit an existing order, the system first checks to make sure the order is not being picked or processed in the warehouse.  If the order is being picked, the system will block you from editing the order.  If the order is not being picked, the Order Entry program will load the selected order and it will display the information for the existing order in the top section of the program.  When an existing order is loaded into the Order Entry program, certain fields, such as the order type, the division and the department for the order may not be modified.  If you need to change the order type, you should use the Convert Type option that is available in the Sales Order Management program.

      If the Order Entry program is called directly from the Menu, the Header Section of the program will not be loaded and you may either use the prompt next to the Order No: window to load an existing order for editing, or you may use the New Order Button to select a customer and enter a new order for the customer.


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