Import CSV Button

The Import CSV button can be used to load journal entry information from a CSV (comma separated values) file.  This option is typically used to load Journal Entry Information from an excel spreadsheet, so that it can be posted to the General Ledger.

To import a journal entry from a CSV file, you should.

      Set the accounting year, period and post date in the Journal Entry program to the correct values for the entry you are importing.

      Press the Import CSV Button.  This action will cause the system to display a windows file selection object, which you may use to select the csv file to be imported.

      As the CSV file is loaded into the Journal Entry program, the system will ck the information in the CSV file to make sure it is valid.

      If any of the journal entry lines being imported have both debit and credit values, the values will be cleared.

      If any of the accounts are not set up in the current accounting period or if any of the accounts are not valid, the system will warn you which lines are not valid, and why, and it will display a message that the line should be deleted and re-entered manually.

      Once the CSV information has been loaded into the Journal Entry Program, the debit and credit totals for the JE are displayed.  At this point, you may modify the information that is displayed in the program (add or delete lines, change line amounts, etc), or you may add comments and/or image records to the transaction.

      Once the information in the Journal Entry is complete, and the JE is in balance, you may save and post the entry using the Save key or button.

CSV File Format

The format of the CSVfile that can be imported into the Journal Entry program is displayed below (each value should be entered in a single column in the csv file and there should be no title line in the file).

CSV Import File Format







Numeric 6.0

Numeric 6.0

Numeric 6.0

Ascii 15

Numeric 14.4

Numeric 14.4


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