Recall a JE Button

The Recall a JE button is used to load the Journal Entry program with the information from a previously posted journal entry.  The Recall option allows you to use the previous journal entry as a template for the journal entry being created.  The Recall feature is very useful when you are processing repetitive journal entries, or entries that are posted to a large number of different general ledger accounts (like payroll entries).

To recall an existing journal entry, you should first confirm that the information shown in the top section of the Journal Entry program is correct.  The recalled journal entry will be posted to the division, year, and period shown in the top section of the program.  The recalled entry will also be loaded with the Post Date and Batch information specified in the header section of the program.

Once you have changed or verified the Journal Entry header information, you may press the Recall a JE Button to specify the journal entry to be used as a template for the current entry.  When the Recall button is pressed, the Recall a Journal Entry panel is displayed and the cursor is positioned in the JE Number window. 

You may select the journal entry to be recalled by:

      Entering the Journal Entry Number into the JE Number window manually.

      Using the Prompt Button that is located in the JE Number window to display the JE Selection List, and selecting a journal entry number from the list.  You may also use the Prompt Key to display the JE Selection List from the JE Number window.

Once you have specified a valid journal entry number, you should select whether the values from the journal entry being recalled should be Kept (loaded with the same amounts used in the original journal entry), Reversed (the debit amounts from the original journal entry are changed into credits and vice versa), or Zeroed out (the original journal entry amounts are zeroed out and only the accounts from the original journal entry are loaded into the program).  You may specify how the journal entry amounts should be handled using the mouse and the Radio Buttons that are located in the lower section of the Recall a Journal Entry Panel.

Once the journal entry number and the other information in the Recall a JE panel have been selected, you may press the Recall Button to load the information into the Journal Entry program.

Once the recalled journal entry information has been loaded into the Journal Entry program, you may change the displayed debit and credit amounts, add additional journal entry lines, or delete unwanted journal entry lines as required.  You may also add text or comment information to the journal entry if required.  The Journal Entry program will not allow the new journal entry to be saved until it is in balance and until all the accounts being posted to have been validated as available for posting.


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