Install the Inter-Facility Transfer Programs.  

The following programs are required in order to process transfers using the Inter-Facility Transfer (IFT) System.  These programs and related overlays, and the appropriate data and index files should be installed by Cove Systems personnel.  Most of the programs used by the IFT system are also used to perform other functions such as creating sales orders, purchase orders and purchase order requisitions, creating vendors, etc. and these programs are located on several different menus.  A brief description of each of the programs used to process IFT transactions is listed below for your convenience.  These brief descriptions discuss only how each program is used by the IFT system.  For more information about each of these programs, you should refer to the Procedures and Program Reference sections of the appropriate manuals.  For example, if you would like to find out more about the P/O Recommendations Report, you should refer to the appropriate sections of the Purchasing Manual.

1.  StreamV.exe The StreamV executable contains the entire windows or Visual Dataflex application, including the purchasing, receiving, and other programs that are used to create and process Interfacility Transfer transactions.  The StreamV application is normally installed and configured by Cove Systems personnel and the demonstration data delivered with the system contains sample data that can be used to process Inter facility transfers.  The other VDF programs listed in this section are all included in the StreamV exe.

2.  Vendor Manager - Used to create and maintain the special purpose Vendor records used by the IFT system.  The procedures to be used when creating IFT vendors are discussed in a later section of this document.

3.  Customer Manager - Used to create the special purpose IFT Customer records which are used by the IFT system.  The program is also used to create the special IFT Ship To records for these customers.  The procedures to be used when creating these records are discussed in a later section of this document.

4.  Shipto Detail Panel Used to create the Shipto addresses used by the IFT system.