Invoice Detail Tab Page

The Invoice Detail Tab page, located in the middle section of the AP Invoice Entry program, is used to enter the detailed information on for the invoice being processed.  The fields in this section include the following.

Status:  The AP invoice status.  Valid options include A (active, distributed to gl when saved), and S (submitted not included in general ledger ap balance).

Invoice#:  The vendor invoice number.  The StreamV AP Entry program will block you from entering a duplicate invoice number for each vendor you process.

Date:  The vendor invoice date

PO NO:  The internal (StreamV or StreamII generated) internal PO number associated with the invoice.  If a PO is entered for the invoice, the system will display only the open receipts for the PO specified when the Tag receipts option is selected.

Description:  The invoice descripton

Terms:  The payment terms for the invoice.  This information defaults from the Vendor record and can be changed if required.

Type:  The AP Invoice Type.  The invoice type field is validated using a Gencode table, and the field is used to select invoices by type during reporting or payment processing.

Invoice Amount:  The total amount of the vendor invoice including any tax and discount amounts.

Currency:  The currency for the invoice.   This information defaults from the Vendor record and can be changed if required.

Xrate:  The exchange rate for the selected currency.  This exchange rate defaults based on the most current exchange rate for the selected currency, but it can also be specified if required.  Please note, you may not specify an exchange rate for your house currency as this should always be set to 1.00000.

Discount Date/Disc Amt: The discount date and the discount amount fields default based on the invoice date, the invoice amount and the payment terms being used for the invoice.  You may override the discount date and discount amount if required (to allow the discount to be taken a bit late, or for a different amount than calculated automatically), but the system will only use the discount information when the payment terms indicate a discount is available.  For example -  setting the discount date and amount on a standard net 30 invoice will not cause the system to apply a discount during payment processing).

Taxcode:  The invoice taxcode is used for AP tax calculation and reporting purposes.  The field defaults based on the vendor being processed, and it can be changed on an invoice basis or in each distribution line for each invoice as required.

Due Date:  The Due date for the invoice.  The due date field defaults based on the invoice date and the payment terms being used, but it can also be adjusted as required.

Pay Date:  The date on which you plan to pay the invoice.  The invoice paydate defaults based on the invoice date, and on a switch that can be set either systemwide or by vendor.

Note:  More detailed descriptions of each of the fields displayed in the panel can be viewed by postioning the cursor in the field and using the Field Help Option to display the Data Dictionary Field Help Panel.


Shipment Detail Tab Page