Invoice Number Window

The Invoice Number Window is used to specify the invoice to be viewed or modified in the Shipping Utilities program.  You must select a valid invoice number before you can use any of the options that are available in the Shipping Utilities program.

Selecting an Invoice

The Shipping Utilities program allows you to select an invoice and to view or modify the shipping information for the selected invoice.  The Invoice Selection Prompt that is located in the top section of the program can be used to select the invoice to be viewed or modified.

When the prompt button next to the Invoice# window is pressed, the system activates the Invoices Lookup program.  The Invoices Lookup program allows you to display and to select from the invoices that have been entered into your system using any of the several different display and search sequences that are available in the program.

Once you have selected an invoice, the invoice number and the customer account and customer name associated with the invoice are displayed in the top section of the program.  Once an invoice is displayed in the Invoice# window, you may select the task to be performed for the selected invoice.  Each of these tasks or options is described in the following sections.


Manifest Lookup Button