Shipping Utilities

The Shipping Utilities program allows you to perform various shipment related tasks for the selected invoice.  These tasks include.

      Displaying the Manifest records associated with the invoice.

      Re-Manifesting the Invoice

      Editing the shipping charges and costs associated with the invoice.

      Entering or editing the Bill of Lading associated with the invoice.

      Reprinting the packing slip or invoice document for the invoice.

      Reprinting the shipping labels for the invoice.  This option is not available for UPS or Fedex Invoices, as these labels are produced by the third party shipping software.

Note:  The Shipping Utilities program can change invoice amounts and the shipment information associated with an invoice.  Because of this fact, the program restricts the invoices that can be processed.  The restriction logic for each task that can be performed with the program is listed in the following sections.


Invoice Number Window

Manifest Lookup Button

Show Shipping Panel Checkbox

Manifest Invoice Button

Edit Shipping Button

Bill of Lading Entry Button

Reprint Invoice Button

Reprint Packing Slip Button

Reprint Shipping Labels Button