Item Info Tab Page

The Item Info Tab Page displays several different types of information from each PO line.  This information includes

Quantity Information:  The quantity of the item that was ordered and that has already been received into inventory.

Price Information:  The price for the item, the currency for the PO line (all lines on the PO must be in the same currency), the contract number (if any) associated with the line, and the price source (the source from which the PO price was obtained)

Accounting information:  The department, GL account and sub account that the PO line should be charged to when it is received.  This information is not currently used by the system (the system normally posts inventory receipts for stocking items to the inventory control account and the unvouchered account in the GL when they are received into the system and the system currently does not post nonstock items when they are received).

Vendor Information:  The Vendor SO and SO Line fields can be used to track the sales order number and line that is used for the PO line on the vendors system.  These fields are optional and would normally be loaded via EDI or another automated process between you and your vendor.

The Item Info Tab page also displays the unit of measure used for the PO line.


EDI Tab Page