Item/PO Comment Tab Page

The Item/PO Comment Tab Page displays the Company Item Comment and the Purchasing Comment for each sales order line.

Company Item Comment Panel

Company/Item Comments are comments or text notes that have been created for the selected customer and item number combination.  Company Item Comments contain information that applies each time a specific customer purchases a specific item from you.  Company Item Comments are automatically printed by the system on any Quotes, Order Confirmations or Invoices for the customer that contains the specified item.  Company Item Comments are created and Maintained from the Customer Manager program.

Purchasing Comment Panel

The Purchasing Comment panel allows you to enter text information that is automatically carried into the purchase orders that are created for the specific sales order line being processed.  This option is only valid when you are processing a vendor shipment or special order item on the current order line because these two fulfillment methods automatically create purchase order requisitions for the sales order that are linked to the sales order.


Special Prices Tab Page