Line item location does not match header______:

Early versions of the system did not allow sales orders to be split between multiple inventory locations.  In early versions of the software all line items on a sales order had to be entered with the same location and the line item location had to match the location used in the sales order header.  This error message should not occur if you are running a relatively current version of the software as it supports multiple locations on a single sales order.  If you are running an old version of the software and you do get this error you should correct it as follows.

1. Determine which location all items on the order or invoice were shipped from.  The easiest way to do this is to view the Inventory Transaction records for the items on the invoice.  Each transaction record will display the inventory location that was actually updated when the merchandise was shipped.

2. Edit the line item and header location fields to the correct inventory location.

3. Examine the inventory activity generated by the invoice and correct the inventory balances for all items as required.