Line item Product Line_______ Not Found:

 One or more of the inventory items included on this invoice did not have a product line assigned to it when the invoice was processed or the product line was deleted or edited after the invoice was processed.  Sales (Invoice Line Items) are posted to the general ledger by product line.  All invoice line items must therefore contain a valid product line (a product line that exists in the product line table) in order for the system to post the inventory activity to the proper general ledger accounts.  To fix this error, you should:

1.  Find out which product line the line item(s) should be assigned to. 

2.  Make sure the product line(s) are properly set up in the Product Line Table.

3.  Use the Invoice Line Item Editor to edit the line item product line(s) to the correct product line(s).

4.  Use the Inventory Master program to change the product line for any inventory items that were not assigned to the correct product line so that the error does not reoccur.