Load ACA File

The Load ACA file option, available using the More Menu Button on the Standard Toolbar, allows you to import an ACA or Automated Cash Application file which contains the details for a specific customer payment.  The information from the input file is used to load the Cashap program with the invoices being paid by the customer and the payment amounts for each invoice.  To use this option, you should first select the customer for whom the payment is to be processed, and enter the payment amount.  You should then select the Load ACA file option from the More Menu, and then select the file to be processed.  A Windows file selection utility will be displayed and can be used to locate the appropriate file.  Once the file is selected, the systemj will load the appropriate invoices and payment amounts into the browse seciton of the program, and it will update the To Apply amount in the program based on the payment detail it has loaded.  An error file will be displayed to notify the operator of any short pay situations or any other situations where the system is unable to process the indicated payment (due to the invoice being closed, or open for less than the payment amount).

Once the ACA file information has been loaded, you may edit the displayed payment information as required and save the transaction.  At this point, the normal updates made by the Cash Application program are performed by the system.  The ACA file is used only for setting the payment amounts in the program prior to saving the transaction.

ACA File Format

The file format for the ACA input file should be a CSV file with the following segments on each line or row in the file.


The currency field is optional and can be omitted.


Load Child Invoices