Load Count Records from File

The Load Count Records from file option allows you to import count records from a CSV file.  The option can be used to load data that is obtained from a different system, from rf capture devices, or from a 3rd party.  The Prepare For Count option should be selected before this option is used (the location needs to be prepared for a count before you import count records to be processed).

When the Load Count Records from File option is selected, the system prompts the operator for the file to be loaded and it also displays the file format that is expected by the process.  The csv file should have the location, item, bin, quantity, ticket, and a note field on each line and the file should not have a header.

Once the operator specifies the file and presses the OK button, the system reads thru the csv file and it creates a count records for each line in the file.

The file to be loaded should be unique based on loc, item, and bin (only 1 item/bin combination should exist for each inventory location).  If the file contains duplicates based on item and bin, the system will display a duplicate error message and it will skip loading the duplicate records.



Dump Current Location Count Records to File