Loading a Picklist

Load the picklist being processed into the Order Invoicing program.  The Picklist should have the quantities pulled by the operator from each Bin listed on the document next to the quantities suggested by the system.  The Order and Ticket Number for the Picklist are bar coded and printed at the top of the picklist form and you may load the pick into the Order Invoicing program by using a keyboard wedge to scan the barcode, or by entering the order number a dash - and the ticket number into the Order# window in the program.  If the order/ticket combination is valid, the system then loads the order lines and quantities from the picklist into the program. The Order and the Ticket being processed will be displayed in the appropriate windows, and the order number will also be displayed in the Invoice# field.   If the order/ticket combination is invalid (due to a keying error, or the pick already being closed), the program will warn you that the pick is not valid and it will not load any information into the program.


Verifying or Changing the Header Information