Creating Order Invoices and Shippers

This procedure is used to process a warehouse shipment for a Sales (Type S) or a Loaner (Type L) order.  This procedure creates an accounts receivable invoice for the items being shipped, it updates the inventory and the serialized inventory systems based on the items processed, and it creates transaction records to record the changes to inventory, serialized inventory, and to the general ledger due to the new invoice.

The Order Invoicing procedure is used to process orders that are shipped from the warehouse, including standard sales orders, Returns to Vendors, InterFacility Transfers, and shipments of Special Order Items.  This procedure is not used to complete vendor ship order lines, or to create any negative invoices or invoice lines.

You may use this procedure to invoice an order only when a valid picklist has been produced for the order.  If you need to create a credit based on an existing invoice, you should use the Cancel or Credit options available in the AR Invoice Lookup or the Return Authorization System to create the appropriate document.  If you need to create an overpayment, prepayment or debit memo to track unapplied or over applied payments for a customer, you should use the Cash Application program to post the transaction.  If you need to create an invoice for a vendor shipment, you should use the Invoice Vendor Shipment option that is available in the PO Management program to create the invoice.


Loading a Picklist

Verifying or Changing the Header Information

Verifying or Changing the Line Item Quantities

Identifying the Serial Numbers for any Serialized Items

Entering Manifest or Box Information

Verifying the Line Item Total

Entering Shipping Charges

Saving the Invoice or Shipper