Manual Payments

Manual payments are used when an accounts payable invoice is paid with a handwritten check.  They are also sometimes used to record payments that have been processed on electronic banking systems.  When a manual accounts payable payment is processed, the operator manually selects the invoices to be paid, and the pay date in each invoice is not used during the process.

In general, all manual payments should be processed prior to any automated payment processing.  This prevents situations in which an invoice paid with a manual check is included in a computer generated check run by mistake.

Manual Payments against accounts payable invoices are processed using the Vendor Invoice Lookup program.  The Vendor Invoice Lookup program allows you to

      Specify the payment and discount amounts to be used for each invoice being processed.

      To tag or identify the invoice or invoices to be paid.

      To specify the bank account, check number, and the check date used for the manual payment and to record the payment.