New Record Field Default Information

StreamV allows you to automatically “default” or load standard data into new master records such as customers, customer contacts, and inventory items, during creation of the records.  If new record field default information is defined for a specific type of database record (such as a customer), the default information will be displayed automatically as a new record is entered into the system.  This behavior is supported in the standard create programs for each master record type being entered.    

For example:  If you select the Customer Manager program from the CRM Operations Menu, the system will load the default field information that has been specified for the Company file into the program.  If you are entering a new customer record, this default information is displayed in the program, and it can be accepted or changed as required (based on your security settings and your ability to access each field in the record).  If you select an existing customer in the Customer Manager program, the information for the selected customer loads into the program and the default information is not used (it is replaced with the information for the company being edited or displayed).

New record default information is also used by other programs in the system, such as XML based loaders that create new records.

New record default information is supported in StreamV for the following reasons:

1.  The defaulting of standard data speeds up the process of entering new records.  Fields that are normally loaded with the same information for all records can automatically be filled in by the system.

2.  The reduction of user entry reduces the likelihood of operator data entry errors, resulting in better data.

3.  Defaulting of required data results in master data being more consistent and in accordance with the policies of the company.

4.  By combining the use of default data and field level security options, new master records can be set up by users under tightly controlled conditions.  For example, if  a new customer record defaults to terms COD CASH, credit limit to $500.00, and status to H for hold, and these fields are restricted for that user (so that they cannot be changed)  the user can create the customer record and process an order.  However the user cannot release the order for shipment (it would automatically go on hold based on the customer status) or grant the customer better terms or a credit line higher than specified for a new account by company policy. This keeps control of credit decisions in the credit department but still allows the saleman to set up a new customer and complete their part of the transaction (entering the sales order).

The StreamV Master Data files that support the automatic loading of default data include the following files

•      Actions

•      Catalog (Item records)

•      Company (Customers)

•      Contact (Customer Contacts)

•      Inventory (Warehouse specific Item records)

•      Opertoon (Opportunity records)

•      QVL (Qualified Vendor List records – used for purchasing)

•      RA Headers (Customer return authorizations)

•      Vcontact (Vendor Contact records)

•      Vendors


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