Field Level Security

Field Level Security options control access to specific fields in Master Data records.  The field level security functionality allows you to restrict or allow access to specific fields in specific data files regardless of where the field is accessed from.  Field level security can be used along with panel and program access security and it overrides all other security options in the system.  Individual fields can be identified as completely accessible (can be edited), view only (the information can be viewed but not edited), or no access (the operator is not allowed to view or to change the field contents).  Field level security is implemented using System Control Records in the Textdata file (File 240).  Multiple control records can be created in order to manage field level security on an operator, group, branch or global basis.

Field Level Security can be implemented and maintained in StreamV using the Field Security Setup program which is available from the System Adminstration and Param/Control Files Menu.  The Field Security Setups allows you to view the security settings for the user, group, branch, or the global settings for the system.  The control records specify the access to all fields in the system (no record means available unless the field is set as read only by the application itself (this is done for fields that should never be modified by the user regardless of security).


New Record Field Default Information