Normalization – System Control Record Format

The System Control record used to normalize Catalog and Inventory information is stored in the Text Data File (File 240).  When the system is installed, this system control record should already be present in the Textdata File.  The System Control Record that is delivered with the system is already set up to normalize or synchronize the data fields that should be set to the same value in the Catalog and Inventory records for an item.  The files can also be customized to meet your requirements.

The standard format for the system control record used for normalization is shown below.  This record is used when updating existing inventory items after an update to the Catalog record is performed.

Textdata Type Field <SCR>

Textdata Code Field <INVENTRY>

Textdata Ident Field <CIN>

Textdata Comment Field – The text or the comment field in the Textdata record defines the fields that will NOT be normalized from the Catalog information for the item.  Any fields in the inventory record that are not specified in this field in the Textdata record, and that have the same name in both the Catalog and the Inventory Master file will be loaded based on the catalog information for the item.  Each of the fields to be skipped should be preceded by a dash, and followed by a dash and a carriage return.  This format is also described in the first section of the Comment field of the record.


This record contains fields to skip during normalization from Catalog updates, enter field names to be skipped surrounded by dashes i.e. –XXX- and Terminate each field with a Carriage Return.





























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