Opportunity Lookup

The Opportunity Lookup program displays the Opportunity Records that have been entered into the system and it allows you to view detailed information about each Opportunity record.  The Opportunity Lookup can also be used to update open Opportunity records and to view information related to a specific opportunity such as any Sales Orders or Quotes for the selected customers, or Actions records that have been created for the selected Opportunity.

The Opportunity Lookup program displays all of the Opportunity records which have a rep initials that are the same as the operator running the program.  Opportunity records are used to track potential business, and they are discussed in detail in the Overview section of this document.

The Opportunity Lookup program allows you to view and edit existing opportunity records and to create new opportunity records.  You may view and or edit an opportunity by highlighting the record and using the ZOOM option.   You may create a new opportunity for the selected customer using the INSERT option.


Zoom - Opportunity Detail Panel

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