Zoom Opportunity Detail Panel

The Opportunity Detail Panel displays detailed information about the selected Opportunity record.  The Detail panel also allows you access order, quote and actions records that are associated with the Opportunity, or the customer that the opportunity was created for.

The Opportunity Detail program is used to display detailed information about existing opportunity records and to create new opportunity records.  When an opportunity record is selected in the Opportunity List and the ZOOM option is used, the Opportunity Detail program is displayed and the program is loaded with the information for the selected opportunity record. 

When a new opportunity is being created using the INSERT key, the Opportunity Detail program is also displayed.  The detail program is separated into several different components which are listed below.

Opportunity Information:  The top section of the Opportunity Detail displays the basic information about the opportunity including the opportunity number (which is automatically assigned by the system), the opportunity type, and the stage that the opportunity is in.  The date and operator responsible for creating and last editing the opportunity record are also displayed in this section of the program.

Opportunity Customer/Contact Information:  The middle section of the Opportunity Detail displays the contact and customer that the opportunity is associated with.  Buttons next to the contact and customer fields allow you to view or edit the information for the selected customer or contact.

Comment Tab Page:  Displays the comment associated with the Opportunity if one has been entered into the system.

Contact Dates Tab Page:  Displays contact information about the selected opportunity and customer, including the dates on which the customer was first contacted regarding the opportunity, and who contacted them, the last date on which the customer was contacted about the opportunity and who made the contact and the date of the last visit to the customer.  Other fields included in this panel include the contact close date, and a user definable closure code, the operator who closed the opportunity and the total number of visits made to the customer regarding the opportunity.  A referred by field is also displayed in this panel and this field can be used to indicate who referred the business to your company.

Status Info:  The Status Info Tab Page displays status information about the opportunity, including the probability that the business will be won, a rating field, the opportunity revision, and the quote number of the quote linked to the opportunity.

Product Interest: The Product Interest Tab Page displays the product oriented information associated with the opportunity.  This information includes the inventory group, inventory product line, and business line that the customer is interested in.  Other information on this page includes the item number associated with the opportunity (if applicable) and the inventory location and territory that the opportunity is associated with.

Codes Tab Page: Each opportunity record contains 10 code fields that are user-definable.  Each of these code fields supports optional Gencode Validation, and the fields can be used to store information about the opportunity that is unique to your business or that is not already maintained in the other fields in the Opportunity record.

Actions List:  The right side of the Opportunity Detail displays the actions records associated with the opportunity.  These actions records can be automatically created when an opportunity is saved for the first time, or the stage of an opportunity is changed.  An action record can also be manually added to an opportunity as required.

 If an Action is selected in the Actions List and the Zoom Option is used, the system will display the Action Detail and load the detail with the information for the action.  The action can then be viewed and edited as required.  Changes to the record can be saved by pressing the SAVE button.

If the Insert option is used in the Action List, the system will also display the Action Detail.  A new action can be created and linked to the opportunity record by loading the appropriate fields in the detail and pressing the SAVE button.

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