Order Attributes

Order Attributes allow you to attach additional structured information to orders and order line items.

Attributes are characteristics or properties that can be associated with documents (such as orders and order line items) or other data (such as catalog items and serialized inventory records).  Attributes can be used to handle situations where you need to record and track data that is not already stored in dedicated data fields in the system.  Attribute data is automatically carried through the system and it can be printed on documents such as order confirmations, packing lists, and invoices.  Attribute information can also be output on reports.

StreamV allows you to define Sets of Attribute  Lists for specific documents (orders and order lines) or other data records (catalog records, serialized items), and to automatically select from these lists during transaction processing..  Once an Attribute list is selected, the system creates Transaction data records for each attribute, and the operator can load the required information into each record.

A Sample Attribute List

Sets of attributes can be stored in TextData records and selected during order entry. For example; an order for parts for a trailer could include various information about the trailer, or construction & test criteria for a vessel could be added to the order.  allow printing of the information on order confirmations, packing lists and invoices.  Each line in the text field of the TextData record contains the attribute name.  At some point we will add support for Gencode control of the attribute value.  The Gencode name will then be the second item on the line, separated by a comma.


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