Other Tab Page

The Other Tab Page Section of the Invoice Header Detail Panel displays miscellaneous other header information from the selected accounts receivable invoice.  This information includes credit card information, tax information, and some other fields that are used by or loaded by the Sales Posting program.

The credit card information displayed in the panel includes the credit card number, credit card authorization number, and credit card authorization amount associated with the invoice.

The tax information displayed in the panel includes the taxable total from the invoice, and the tax numbers associated with the customer (BillTo) and shipping address (Shipto) that were used for the invoice.

Other information displayed in the panel includes the AR Autopost or accounts receivable sub-ledger that the invoice is assigned to, and the post run field from the invoice.  The Post Run field is used to store the journal entry that was used to post the invoice to the general ledger.  The Post Run field is loaded by the system when sales are posted using the sales posting procedure, or when payment type invoices are created in the Cash Application Program during payment processing.

The RA# window in the Other Tab Page will display the RA that the invoice is associated with if the invoice was created from an RA.


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