Partial Processing

This section describes how the Partial flag is used during sales order processing.

The Partial flag is an Order Header flag that can be used to block shipment against a  specific order until all of the items on the order are available to ship.  The option is used to promote complete shipments to the customer and to prevent partial shipments to the customer.

The System allows you to set a Partial flag in each Customer record, and this value defaults into any Orders that are created for the customer (the flag can also be changed during order entry if required).  If the Partial Flag for an Order is set to Y, the system will permit partial shipments against the order.  If the Partial Flag for an Order is set to N, the system will ck that all qualifying lines on the order are available to be shipped.  If the lines that should be shipped together cannot be, the system will not display the Order in the Pick Management program and a Picklist cannot be produced for the order.

The No Partial Check uses the following logic when checking to see if an order can be shipped out.


Importing Customer Sales Orders