Pay Invoice(s) Button

The Pay Invoice button is used to apply a manual payment or a manual check to one or more accounts payable invoices.  A manual payment is a payment that is not generated or created by the system.  Manual checks are used to record situations where a handwritten check is used to pay one or more invoices.  A Manual payment can also be used to record payments that have already been processed using an electronic online banking system.  When a manual payment is processed, the system creates a record for the payment in the bank file, it updates the appropriate AP invoices for the amounts paid and it writes journal entry lines to record the activity against each invoice and the associated cash account.  No check or other printed document is created by the system when a manual payment is processed.

 When one or more open accounts payable invoices is “tagged” or selected in the AP Invoice Lookup by Vendor program and the Pay Invoice(s) button is pressed, the system displays the Payment Panel.


Assign Button