Vendor Invoice Lookup

The Vendor Invoice Lookup program displays all of the accounts payable invoices that have been entered into the system for the selected vendor. 

The AP Invoice by Vendor program allows you to view detailed information about each accounts payable invoice and to display the journal entry transactions associated with each invoice.

The AP Invoice Lookup by Vendor program can be also be used to

      Apply any open active status credit memos (negative invoices) from the selected vendor to any open active status invoices for the selected vendor.

      Process manual payments against the open active status invoices for the Vendor.

      Assign an open active status invoice for the selected vendor to another vendor for payment.

      View the Inventory Activity associated with each invoice displayed in the program.


Zoom - AP Invoice Detail Panel

Expand - AP Journal Entry Lookup.

Apply Credit Memo Button.

Pay Invoice(s) Button

Assign Button

Inv. Activity Button