Pending Mode

Pending Mode is used to invoice customers for items already shipped to them.  No physical goods are being shipped out.  Pending Invoices can include nonstock lines but the nonstock lines must already exist in the pending file.  If you need to add a nonstock line to a pending invoice, the nonstock line first needs to be processed on a loaner for the customer so that a pending record exists for it.

      No adding lines.  You may not add stocking or nonstock items to a Pending Invoice.  You are invoicing the customer for items already shipped to them, so you must have an open record in the Pending file before you can invoice the customer for it.  To add a line, you would enter a loaner order line for the customer and nonstock item, then complete it to create a pending record.  The Pending record for the nonstock line can then be used to create the Pending Invoice for the customer (mutiple pending record with different invoice numbers can be consolidated on one Pending Invoice for one customer).

      No Deleting Lines  If you do not want to invoice the customer for one of the selected pending records, you may escape and correct the to clear quantity in the pending record, or de-select the line so it is not included on the Pending invoice.

      Edit quantity for stock and nonstock lines in the Loaner Management or other program used to create the Pending invoice.  Adjust the to clear quantity or the records that are selected for processing in the Loaner Management program prior to pressing the Invoice Customer Button.

Zoom No Access when in Pending Mode (quantity and price edits need to be made to pending records).

Expand No Access when in Pending Mode (no picks).