Vendor Ship Mode

Vendor Ship Mode is used to record shipments of stocking items direct from your vendors to your customers.  Vendor Shipments can also include nonstock items (these are entered on the sales order but are not included on the vendor purchase orders for the sales order). 

When a vendor shipment is procesed, no inhouse inventory quantities change. 

When a stocking vendor ship line is completed, a vendor ship transaction is created to record the shipment of the stocking items by the vendor, and your liability to the vendor.  The inventory quantity of the stocking item does not change.

When a nonstock vendor ship line is completed,  the transaction is treated as an in house shipment. – (you do not owe the vendor for the nonstk items, and the inventory quantity of the nonstk item does not change).

•      Stocking lines may not be added during vendor ship order completion (sales order lines and po lines are required to process a vendor shipment for a stocking item).

•      Nonstock lines may be added during vendor ship order completion.  Positive or negative nonstock lines are supported to handle items like expedite fees for shipping, service or labor chgs, etc.

•      No deletion of stocking or stocking lines

•      Edit quantity for stocking lines in the Prepare to Invoice Vendor Ship Program.  The Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment program allows you to specify the qty to complete and to identify the serial numbers associated each item being shipped by the vendor.

•      Edit quantity for nonstk lines by editing verified qty in the order completion program.  Order Completion will load any open nonstock lines for the sales order when one of the purchase orders for the sales order is completed using the Invoice Vendor Shipment Option.  The nonstock lines from the sales order or the nonstock lines added during order completion can be modified in order completion.  This option allows you to match the qty of a nonstock line being processed to the number of stocking items being processed (i.e. match the warranty qty being invoiced to the number of televisions being shipped out).

Zoom –Allows edit of verified quantity for nonstock items only using Sales Order Line Invoicing Detail Panel.

Expand – No access - no pick records are present in vendor ship mode.