Point of Sale – Finding and Selecting Customers

The StreamV Point of Sale System allows you to process sales and returns using either a generic “Cash Sales” Customer (optimized for walk in traffic situations), or another  existing customer.  The Point of Sale system also allows you to quickly setup new customers on the fly. 

POS can be configured to default to use the Cash Sales customer, or to prompt for a the customer to be used each time a transaction is processed.

If the system policy POSDACCT is loaded with the account number of the Cash Sales Customer, the POS program will default to using the Cash Sales Customer. The operator can change the customer, or create a new customer in POS when necessary, but they are not required to pick the customer to be used for each invoice. 

If the policy is not loaded with a valid customer account, the POS program will prompt the operator to select a customer for each transaction.  The operator must select a valid customer record (or create a new customer record and select them), before they can process a transaction.


POS - Customer Selection Options

POS - Cash Sale vs Non Cash Sale Transaction Processing