Point of Sale Overview

The Point of Sale program allows you to quickly process sales and returns of merchandise for your retail or warehouse pickup locations.  The POS program is designed to handle both retail and resale transactions for merchandise or services, and it allows you to process sales for both COD and Net Terms customers.  POS invoices and credits are created without entering a sales order or a return authorization into the system first. 

The goods invoiced with the POS system are typically delivered directly to or are received directly from the customer being invoiced, when the invoice or credit is created.  For this reason, the shipping address information on the invoices or credits created by the POS program is set to the location (retail store or will call location) where the sale is processed.  The POS System should not be used for merchandise that is actually being shipped out to, or received from customers who are not physically present, as the sales tax logic for POS and non-POS invoices is not the same.

Multiple POS Stations can be used on the system to handle situations where you operate multiple POS stations in one or more than one physical location.


Point of Sale - Finding and Selecting Customers

Point of Sale - Creating New Customers

POS Sales Tax Processing

POS Invoice Creation

POS Payment Processing

POS Giftcard Processing

Point of Sale