PO/Requisition Creation

The method that is used to create a PO Requisition for a stocking item depends on the fulfillment method that is being used for each sales order line.

The StreamV System automatically creates requisition lines for each Vendor Shipment and Special Order Sales Order Line that you create.  The system also automatically adjusts existing requisitions for these sales order lines (or creates an additional requisition line if necessary), when you edit a vendor shipment or special order sales order line and adjust the quantity.

PO Requisitions for normal or warehouse replenishment sales order lines can be created automatically using the PO Recommendations Report.  The PO Recommendations report uses the current inventory quantities for each item (on hand, reserved in current scheduling window, total reserved, on order (shop orders or purchase orders) and the reorder information that has been specified for each item (reorder quantity, minimum reorder quantity, reorder point), to calculate the needed quantity for each item included on the report.   A selection on the report allows you to create requisitions for the needed quantity or to run the report without creating any requisitions.

It is important to note that purchase orders for warehouse replenishment can be created manually using the Purchase Order Entry Program, or they can be created automatically using the PO Requisition Report and the PO Requisition Management Program.  You do not have to create a requisition or run a report to enter a purchase order for a warehouse replenishment item.  The PO Recommendations report and the Requisition Management program simply automate the placement of purchase orders for warehouse fulfillment items. 

On the other hand, you must use the Requisition Management program to process special order or vendor shipment orders. The system automatically creates PO requisitions for these types of sales order lines and these requisitions are linked to the sales order line.  Vendor shipment and special order requisition lines also contain information that is used by the system during later processing.  Special order requisitions contain the information required to allocate the item on the purchase order to the appropriate sales order line when it is received into your warehouse, and Vendor shipment requisitions contain information that is used later when invoicing the sales order to the customer (such as the customer ship to address and purchase order number).