Purchasing Overview

This section provides an overview of the StreamV Purchasing System.  The topics discussed in this section include:

      PO Document Types Describes the different types of purchasing documents (Quotations, Requisitions, Purchase Orders) that can be created on the system.

      Stocking and Nonstocking Items This section describes the two major types of inventory items that can be processed on the system (stocking and non-stocking items).  Stock and Nonstock items are handled differently by the Purchasing programs.

      Purchasing Methods Describes the different Pruchasing  Methods that are supported by the StreamV Purchasing system.  Inventory Replenishment, Vendor Shipment, Special Order Processing and Inter-Facility Transfer processing are discussed in detail.

      Buyer Assignment Describes the logic used by the Purchasing system when it assigns the buyer for each po requisition, and how the buyer is handled by the system during manual PO entry.

      PO Pricing Logic. Documents how the system automatically calculates the Target Cost for a particular vendor, item and quantity combination when creating requisition and purchase order lines for the vendor and item.


PO Document Types

Purchasing System Dates

PO/Inventory Item Types

Purchasing Methods

Warehouse Replenishment

Vendor Shipment Processing

Special Order Processing

Interfacility Transfers

Inventory Sales, Demand and Usage Information

Order Processing Flags

PO Buyer Assignment

PO Pricing Logic

PO Pricing Options Summary

Typical Purchasing Cycle