Pos for Item

When a valid sales order line is selected in the Sales Order Lines Lookup program and the POs for Item option is selected (using the More or the Context Menu), the system activates the Item PO Lookup program and it loads the program with the purchase order lines that have been created for the item in the selected sales order line

The Item PO Lookup program allows you to view the Purchasing and Receiving History that has been recorded for the selected Inventory Item.  The Item PO Lookup program displays the purchase order lines that have been issued for the selected item in all warehouse locations in the system. The program displays both open and closed purchase order lines.

The Item PO Lookup also allows you to access detailed information about each purchase order displayed in the program. This information includes the purchase order header and line item details associated with each purchase order and the receiving history that has been recorded for each PO line.

The information which is displayed in the Item PO Lookup program for each purchase order line can be customized, but it normally includes the purchase order number, the inventory location from which the P/O was placed, the quantity of the item that was ordered on the P/O and the quantity received against the P/O. The date on which the purchase order was placed and the date on which the item is promised or due to be received is also displayed along with the sales order number and line item associated with each of the displayed purchase order lines (if any)

Please note:  You may display the field definitions for each of the database fields displayed in the Item PO Lookup by using the Help Button that is located on the Cove Standard Toolbar to access the Data Dictionary Field Help program.

The All Purchase Orders for a Sales Order Lookup program is part of the Purchasing (PO) System and it is completely described in the documentation for that system.  You may obtain more information about the program by activating it and using the Help key to display the primary Help documentation for the program.


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