Prices/Costs Tab Page

The Prices/Costs Tab Page displays the pricing and cost information for the selected invoice line item.  The left side of the Prices/Costs Tab Page displays the price and cost from the invoice line as well as a margin amount and percentage.  The xrate or currency exchange rate used for the invoice is also displayed in this area.

The Source that is displayed next to the price field indicates where the specified price was obtained.  The Price Source field is automatically loaded by the system during order entry.  As the operator enters an order line, the system automatically calculates the best price for the customer/item combination.  It then loads the Price Source field with a code indicating where the price came from.

 If the operator accepts the price calculated by the system during order entry, the Price and the Target Price, and the Price Source and the Target Price Source (the Target Price and Target Source fields are displayed to the right of the Price and Source fields) will be loaded with the same values.  If the operator manually enters a price, the price is updated and the Source field is loaded with ME to indicate that the price was manually entered.  The Target Price and the Target Source fields are not updated so that you can determine the original price suggested by the system.

The Contract Number and the Rebate Number fields that are displayed in the Prices/Costs panel will be loaded if the selected invoice price was calculated using a special pricing or a rebate record. 


Order Info Tab Page