Print Address Labels

The Print Address Labels option allows you to generate mailing labels for the selected Loaner Item.  The Address labels are normally printed for a single invoice at a time.  The address labels will print the customer or vendor name and address for the selected Loaner, based on the company type that is recorded in the Pending record.

When the Print Address Labels option is selected, the system checks the Vendor RA No field in the Pending record and then it displays a prompt object.  

The Prompt object displays a message (Enter additional label text) and it contains an entry window.  The entry window will display  “RA# + the vendor ra number”, if the Vendor RA No is loaded in the selected record, and it will display “Inv# + the pending invoice number” if the Vendor RA No field is not loaded in the selected record.  Once the prompt is displayed, you may add additional text to the label by adding it to the information defaulted by the system.

Once you have accepted or edited the text information for the label, the system will prompt you for the number of labels to be printed.

Once you have specified the number of labels, the system will check the Company Type in the Pending record being processed.  If the Company Type is “C”, the system will print the address labels using the Customer Address Label routine.  If the Company Type is V, the system will print the address labels using the Vendor Address Label routine.

The system then displays the output options object, so that you can select the printer to be used for the job, or it directly prints the labels to the printer that has been defined for you.  (the print routing behavior for the customer and vendor labels can be specified by user).


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