Print Button Shop Order Print Selector

The Print Button (located on the StreamV Standard Toolbar) can be used to print a Pull Ticket or a Shop Order Document for the selected shop order.  The Shop Order Pull Ticket is a document that is used to pull the components required for the shop order from inventory into work in process.  The Shop Order Document is a printed version of the Shop Order.  Your ability to print a Pull Ticket in the program is restricted based on the status of the line items of the selected shop order.  You may only print a pull ticket when

      The Shop Order is a Production (Type P) Order.

      The Shop Order is Open

      The Shop Order Printed flag is set to N.  You may not print more than one pull ticket for a shop order at a time.  If you print a pull ticket for some of the component items in a shop order, you must either reset the pull ticket or process it before you can pull any remaining allocated components for the order.

Note: You may process more than one pull ticket for a single shop order.  This option allows you to do a partial pull for the order when not all components are available.  However, you must process or reset each pull ticket before the system will allow you to print another pull ticket for the same shop order.

      The Shop Order has allocated component quantities


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