Purchase Order Requisition

Purchase Order Requisitions are documents that are used internally by the company to track requests for products to be purchased.  Requisitions are used to suggest which items and quantities should be purchased, and the vendor and price that should be used when purchasing each item.

Requisitions can be created automatically by the system (such as when special order or vendor ship sales order lines are created in sales order entry) or they can be created by running the PO Recommendations report (which creates requisitions for warehouse items based on current inventory quantities and minimum stocking levels).  PO Requisitions can also be created manually.  A PO requisition may be created before or after a request for quotation.  Purchase Order Requisitions are assigned a purchase order type of R (requisition).

PO Requisitions do not affect the inventory quantities stored in the system.  Requisitions for normal or warehouse items can be deleted and recreated as required (this allows purchasing suggestions to be refreshed or updated based on the most current information in the system).  Requisition lines for vendor shipment or special order sales order lines are not normally deleted.  These types of requisition lines are linked to specific sales order lines and they are created and updated as required based on the status of the sales order line that they are linked to.


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