Purchasing Tab Page

The Purchasing Tab Page displays some required and some optional fields from the selected purchase order.  These fields include the Buyer that placed the purchase order, the vendor sales order number that was issued by the vendor for the PO, and the contact person that the PO was placed with at the vendor company (the Placed with field is normally loaded based on the vendor purchasing contact for the vendor if one has been defined).

The Purchasing Tab Page also displays the Reference number entered by your company on the PO and the Customer PO number that your purchase order is associated with.  The Customer PO field is loaded by the system automatically when a vendor shipment purchase order is created in the PO Management program (from the sales order associated with the PO).

The Option 1 through Option 5 fields which are also displayed in the Purchasing Tab Page are optional fields that can used for custom processing routines, or for storing user defined information in the PO Header record.


Miscellaneous Tab Page