Quantity Adjustment Tables

The Quantity Adjustment Tables can be used to set up additional discounts or surcharges for items assigned to specific product lines and groups which are purchased by individual companies or members of a specified buying group.   The discounts or surcharges in this table are based on the company (or buying group), the item class and/or product line, and the quantity of the item being sold to the company.  This differs from the Class Discount Tables, which are not based on the quantity being sold.  Records are set up in the Quantity Adjustment Tables using the entity (company or buying group) and the item product line and or group that are to be adjusted.  Multiple records can be set up in the table for each combination of company, item class and product line to allow you to specify the appropriate quantity breaks.   For example: a single company can be set up to receive a 5% discount when buying quantity 1 of an item.  Additional records can then be set up to automatically give the company a 10% discount when they buy a quantity of 10, a 20% discount when they buy a quantity of 100 and so on.

During processing, the system checks a system parameter to determine if the price it has calculated should be adjusted using the PQDS (price quantity discount system) and if so, the system attempts to find a record in the Quantity Adjustment table for the item being processed.  The table is searched first for records matching the company (or buying group the customer is assigned to) and the product line and class for the item being processed.  The quantity is also used during the search to find the record in the table with the quantity that is equal to or less than that being entered on the sales order. If a matching record is found, it is used and the price of the order line is adjusted by the factor in the Quantity Adjustment record.  If no match is found, the system then checks the company and inventory class, again searching for the appropriate quantity.  If this is found, the information in the record is used.  If no match is found there, the system then checks the company and inventory product line being processed searching for a record with the appropriate quantity.  If a match is found it is used as explained above.