RA Disposition Processing

RA Disposition is the process of actually closing an RA and crediting the customer for the returned goods.  RA disposition is accomplished using the RA disposition button.  Only in house or status I RA lines can be disposed of.  As the items on an RA are disposed of, the system:

      Creates a credit memo for the customer in the RA, based on the ra lines and quantities being processed and the prices specified in the ra lines.

      Updates any serialized inventory information associated with the items being disposed

      Updates the disposed quantities and dates in each ra line item.  The system also updates the status in the ra lines and header as appropriate, and it loads the closed date in the RA header if the ra is completely closed after the disposition.

There are two options for handling the items returned by the customer during ra disposition.  These are a Return to Stock and a Return to Depreciated stock. 

      A Return To Stock transaction returns the original items sold to the customer back to the inventory location you specify.

      A Return to Depreciated Stock transaction allows you to convert the items returned by the customer into another version of the item (like an open box, re-boxed, cosmetically damaged version of the normal SKU).  The Return to Depreciated Stock option uses a Generic Code Table to define and restrict the item types that can be converted to.  The RA system automatically handles the write down of the item cost based on information in the Gencode Table, and it also automatically creates the new depreciated stock item in the warehouse being processed as required.  Any serialized inventory records for the item being depreciated are converted to the new item number.

Both of these disposition option are described in more detail in the following sections


Return to Stock

Return to Depreciated Stock