RA Receipt Processing

RA receipt processing is used to identify the items and quantities that have been physically received back from your customers on a specific RA.  This process is used to update the received quantity in each ra line so that you know the goods are in house, but it does not create any transaction history in the system.  In StreamV, the receiving process and the disposition process used to close an RA are separate.

This feature or behavior, allows you to track the items associated with a specific ra from the time they are received from the customer, without updating inventory or serialized inventory information.  This allows the personnel processing the return (who may not be the same people who are receiving the ra), to inspect and possibly repair the returned items, so they can determine the correct follow up actions based on each situation.

Once an RA has been issued, the return is tracked as open or status O in the system.  The RA remains open until some or all of the merchandise being returned by the customer is physically received, or until the ra is deleted.  As returned items are received from your customers, the RA number from the shipment is used to locate the customer RA associated with the shipment.

The operator then uses the RA Receiving process to update each ra line with the quantity actually received from the customer.   Lines which are received against (either partially or completely) are changed from status O (open) to status I (in house) as each receiving transaction is saved.

Note:  It is important to note that the only update made by the RA Receiving process is to the received and the RA line status.  No accounting transactions take place due to receiving, and the RA is still open or in process.  The receiving function just lets the returns and other departments in your company know that the merchandise has been received at your location.


RA Disposition Processing