RA Statistical Information

The StreamV Return Authorization System can be set up to automatically maintain statistics on the types and the value of the returns that are processed for each of your customers.  The customer RA statistics information is stored in the Company Master file.  The RA statistics information can be viewed from the Sales Information panel in the Company Master program, or from within the RA Management program during RA processing. 

The customer RA statistics are loaded and rebuilt using the Company Reconciliation program (FV054X30).  This program is normally run on a recurring basis by the system.

The RA Statistics which are displayed in the Customer record include.

      The number of days being used to calculate the totals and percentages (from the system parameter RADAYS which is described later in this document).

      The total sales to the customer during the period used to calculate the RA statistics.

      The total amount of RA’s that were processed for the customer during the period used to calculate the RA Statistics.

      The percentage of total sales that were returned by the customer for any reason.

      The amount and percentage of total sales for the period of “Defective”, “Stock Balance”, and “Other” returns processed for the customer.

The above statistical information provides a convenient and quick way to check returns activity for a customer

The RA statistics that are maintained by the system are rebuilt based on the following user defined parameters (these parameters are stored in the System Parameter File - File 248 and they are completely described in the Installation and Set Up section of this document).

RADAYS – Number of days that are subtracted from the current date when determining the beginning date used for RA statistical totals.  For example, if 365 is entered for this parameter, the RA statistics will be rebuilt using all activity from one year ago (365 days ago)  through the current date.

RARETBAL – RA Line Types to be included in the Stock Balance RA Total

RARETDEF – RA Line Types to be included in the Defective RA Total.

RA Line Types that are not included in the above parameters will be included in the RA Other Total that is maintained in the Customer Master file.


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