Rebate Amounts in Non-rebate Special Price records

When the price for a sales order line is coming from a special price record such as a Company or Buying Group, Contract, SALE, QTY, or GSA price, any rebate that is available must be specified in the Special Price Record being used for the price.

When a rebate amount is specified in a non-rebate special pricing record, the instant display flag is not used.  In this case, the price and the commission cost used for the order line is based on the special price record, so the price, commission cost, and the rebate amounts are just recorded in the order line.

If a non-rebate special price record containing a rebate is used for the order line being processed, the system will record the unique record number from the special price record in the rebate record field of the order line (to indicate the source of the rebate).  The system also records the unique record number of the price record in the price record field of the order line (to indicate where the price was obtained).

When a rebate amount is specified in a special price record, the system records the price and cost information (price, commission cost, cost, and rebate) that is specified in the record.  If there is a cost specified in the record, any difference between the cost of the item in inventory and the cost  in the special cost record is treated as a rebate (this is true whether the cost difference matches the rebate amount or not).


Rebate Setup